Young Millsy By Gary Mills

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FROM brilliant all-round sportsman to one of Brian Clough’s finest ‘young men’, GARY MILLS took a sensational bow on the football stage.

The youngest player to start a European Cup final, YOUNG MILLSY helped ‘the gaffer’ to conquer Europe twice by the time he was 18.

After playing in America’s Soccer Bowl, Gary twice fought back from broken legs and had a rollercoaster experience with arguably the game’s greatest and most unpredictable manager.

Incredible stories about the methods amid the ‘madness’ of Brian Clough take you back to miraculous days beside the River Trent.

Millsy credits his wonderful family and the discipline reinforced at the City Ground for helping him also become a true East Midlands favourite with LEICESTER CITY, NOTTS COUNTY and DERBY COUNTY.

He has taken those same principles and beliefs into football management with a series clubs enjoying Wembley and promotion triumphs and discovering a new side to the beautiful game.

He writes with a refreshing combination of humour and honesty about his devotion to the game, never forgetting the people who made it possible.

YOUNG MILLSY is a feel-good story for the half-glass-full reader who believes talent and hard work make all things possible.