Here, There & Everywhere

The good, the bad and everything in between

By Shaun Teale

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Shaun Teale’s football story is one of rejection, perseverance, belief and, ultimately, success, as he reached the very top of the game. He was 24 when he finally became a professional footballer. He never took it for granted and made the most of every second of it.

Here, There & Everywhere tells the story of Shaun’s journey from the brutal world of non-league football in the eighties through to cup final glory in the nineties and beyond.

During his spells with Southport, Weymouth, Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Tranmere, Preston, Carlisle, Motherwell, Burscough and Northwich Victoria, Shaun played with and against some of the world’s greatest players and was managed by some of the biggest names in football.

Shaun tells his story the same way he played – honest, tough and wearing his heart on his sleeve.

“He’s here. He’s there. He’s every f**king where.”

He’s Shaun Teale!